Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Take time to reflect upon Luke 5:17-26 -The story of the healing of the paralytic. In verse 17b it is recorded as ...'the power of the Lord is present to heal......'I believe in our society that is a message that needs promotion . Jesus 'power is present to heal , there is so much brokenness & wounded spirits  that need to experience the healing touch of Jesus .The sad issue in the Luke account was that the 4 stretcher bearers could not get their paralysed friend to Jesus , basically because the Pharisees and religious leaders were blocking the doorway . Thank the Lord that they were determined to get their friend to Jesus and were not put off in any way . There are many people who are paralysed in body , mind and spirit , do you know some of them .             God is calling His people to be stretcher bearers for the Kingdom of God .   Please hear clearly and obey boldly when God's Spirit brings people's names and faces to you as you pray . Take time to reflect again upon this reading and ask Jesus how to bring these people to His feet .Praying for you as you obey .

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